July 2020

Co-pe (Co-perspective) is a graphic design studio based in Seoul, Korea. It consists of three members, Maudie Park (director) and Minu Park (furniture designer). Co-pe collaborates with a network of design studios  to work on visually experimental projects, corporate branding and graphic exhibition designs.

“Art is the basis of all visual activity.”

The practice of visual arts
Mar 2021

Co-pe creates, keeping in mind that "Art is the basis of all visual activity." Human visual activity, such as perceiving and creating, can hold meanings depending on the viewers' and the artists' perspective. Through our current project, "The practice of visual arts," Co-pe explores the meaning that arises from different perspectives, starting off by asking ourselves what message we, as artists can present to the world. Rather than to trail former paths, this project aims to experiment and create through new and varied methods.

3월 2021

코-프(코-펄스펙티브)는 “모든 시각적 행위는 예술을 기반으로 한다”는 슬로건을 시작으로 계속해서 활동하는 공간입니다. 인간의 모든 시각적 행위들은 개인의 관점과 경험에 따라 다양한 의미를 갖습니다. “The practice of visual arts”는 창작하는 이가 세상에 어떤 또 다른 메시지를 던질 수 있을까라는 자문을 시작으로 기존의 것을 온전히 따르는 행위를 지양하고 다양한 방법으로 실험하고 창작하는 내부적인 아트 프로젝트입니다.